Foundation Class


Hello and welcome to our new Blog where we will be sharing all the wonderful learning that is taking place in Foundation.

Our teacher is Miss Cooper. Our teaching assistants are Mrs Mapplebeck and Mrs Hague.


We got into the full Royal Wedding spirit in Foundation! We made wedding dresses, baked wedding cake, wrote invitations, looked at wedding albums and dresses and role-played the royal wedding.


We had a morning learning all about Judaism! We read the story of Hanukkah, and looked at games, books and artifacts. Inspired by the story we decided to make our own Menorahs from clay and cooked Potato Latkes with oil that represented the oil that kept the candles burning for 8 days in the temple. We tasted our food and were very impressed with the results.


We have found a love for gardening in our class. We decided that we wanted our outside area to look beautiful, so have planted lots of lovely flowers and plants ready for summer. Not only that but we have started to grow our own vegetables. We have planted carrots, cress, courgettes, onions, tomatoes and many more! We had a little tasting session to preview what our vegetables might taste like.


We had a fantastic visit to the deep! We saw lots of amazing creatures; from sharks, to penguins and sting rays. This inspired us to make our own aquarium and sea creatures for our classroom. We also learnt about the differnt creature’s features, diet and habitats.









We love music in Foundation! We decided to make our own drum kit outside using old pots and pans. We use all the different sounds to create our own music. We were also lucky enough to have a go on a real drum kit and play real guitar. The girls even created their own girl band and put on their own concert. Listen to us play!


We had a very exciting World Book Day in Foundation. We read lots of books, watched film clips from out favourite stories, role played, drew and painted pictures of our favourite characters, wrote our own stories and created our own magical props.


We love to experiment and get messy in our mud kitchen! We are experts at making pies, cakes, soups and much more!


We think it is very important to look after our wildlife so we have made our own bird feeders.


The snowy weather didn’t stop us! We made our own sledges, built snowmen, made snow angels and had lots of fun in the Winter Wonderland (in Spring!)


We like to make Maths very practical in foundation! This can range from counting our snack, using different shapes when baking and building, using different measuring equipment, weighing objects and making our own skittles.


In Foundation, we recently took a great interest in doctors and nurses. We role played different scenarios; seeing to injuries, booking appointments and giving the appropriate treatments. We looked at x-rays and researched about what the inside of our body might look like, and how the different parts of our body work. We were extremely lucky to have a visit from a Paramedic who talked to us about his job, showed us lots of exciting things, answered our questions and inspired us to perhaps become Paramedics one day!


The girls in our class have been inspired by Dancing on Ice and Disney on ice! They have designed and crafted their own pair of ice skates, built an ice rink and were lucky enough to try on a real pair of ice skates.


Once upon a time.. There was a class full of beautiful Princesses. They lived in a magical Kingdom called St Joseph’s Primary school. They are fantastic at writing stories, acting out magical adventures and creating stunning accessories and costumes.


Connie decided that in her special week she wanted to get married. As she has already been a bridesmaid a number of times, she knew lots about weddings. She started by making a list of all the things she would need for her wedding, eg. food, dancing, a dress and cake. As a class we talked about what a wedding was and what it meant to be married. Connie and her friends planned and prepared for the wedding by baking buns, making a dress, collecting flowers, making rings and writing invitations. We finished by having our own wedding in the hall!


In Foundation we love dinosaurs and animals! We know the name of every dinosaur, lots of facts about each one and can explain their similarities and differences. We are fantastic at working together to create small worlds for the dinosaurs and animals to live in. We can explain the diet of every creature (whether it eats meat, plants or both!) and can create the appropriate habit for each one, carefully devising each part of the land for a different purpose. We act out different scenarios, solving problems together to create the most amazing stories in role play and make our own animal pictures and models!


We are experts in the kitchen! From designing and making pizza, creating different shaped cookies, baking scrumptious buns or setting up our own ice cream and pancake shops, Foundation is always the most yummy place to be! We design, bake, cook, cost, sell and make menus for our own products.


Beep Beep! We are always making sure that we are safe when riding the bikes in the outside area. There is always a lollipop lady/man on our zebra crossing to help the pedestrians cross the road. We even visited a real one outside to school to see how they work. The boys also set up their own car wash to keep the bikes looking nice and clean!


Little scientists! We are always conducting experiments in Foundation. Recently, we decided to make ice lollys. After designing the lollys and discussing what would be the best way to make them, we used fruit juice and knew that we needed to put it somewhere that was really really cold. First we tried the fridge, but that was not cold enough! We then thought that leaving them over night outside would work because it had been very frosty, but that only left a thin layer of ice. We then tested out the freezer.. and successfully made ice lollys!


How many ways can you cook an egg? We decided to test that out by cooking an egg in as many different ways we could think of! We boiled an egg, fried an egg, poached an egg and scrambled an egg! We made predictions about what we thought might happen to the egg. We then made observations on how the egg had changed, what it looked like and what were the similarities and differences between each one. But most importantly, we tasted them to see which one we liked best!


Working together to make our amazing erupting volcano!


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