Year Two

Hello and welcome to the Year Two Blog where you can keep up to date with all the wonderful learning that your children are doing in school.

Our teacher is Mrs Potts.


In Year 2 we have planted some vegetables and flowers to see if we can grow our own food.  Keep an eye on the blog to see how well we do.


Year 2 get to go to the School Sports Day every year at the Institute of Sport in Sheffield.  It was an amazing day and Ella turned out to be the fastest girl in Rawmarsh!


We used this topic to investigate the science theme of animals including humans.

We visited The Deep to start our topic off.


We used each other to practise our measuring in cm using rulers and tape measures.  Did you know that if you measure the width of your arms outstretch it should be the same as your height?  Try it.


We investigated arrays in our maths lessons.


In Year 2 we thought about inventions that changed the world and we became inventors ourselves!

We ate a yoghurt and thought about all the problems that were made – yoghurt all over our chin and not being able to reach into the corners to finish the last bots off.  We then created an invention to combat this problem.  Once it was made, we ate a yoghurt again to see if worked.


In Year 2 we investigated the polar areas (where they are and the animals that live in them) and who explored them.  Not everyone was successful in their exploration!

We role played the expedition of Shackleton.

We made clay models of penguins.

We role played what polar explorers would do when their boats were stuck in the ice.

We investigated what things you would need to pack for an expedition.

We thought about what we would do if a polar bear attacked our expedition.

We made igloos for Roary our class Polar Bear.



In Literacy we read the book The Day the Rains Fell.  It is a creation story from Africa.  We role played the story and made our own.  You can see them in our classroom.

We have been working really hard in Year 2 (as always).  Within our flood topic, we have created a waterproof shelter strong enough to protect a lego man from a flood.

We began the project with a science project investigating materials so that we could find a waterproof material for the shelter.

We then used a design and technology lesson to think about strong structural shapes likes triangles and how to make weak joins strong to keep our structure solid.

We combined the results of these 2 lessons to make a shelter that was waterproof and strong.

We threw water on our shelter to simulate a flood and then we checked to see if the shelter was strong enough and the lego man was dry.

Of course he was! Another successful mission for Year 2!


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