Year Two


Hello and welcome to the Year Two Blog where you can keep up to date with all the wonderful learning that your children are doing in school.

Our teacher is Mrs Potts.

Our Summer learning project is based around the theme of recycling. We have been reading the story Another Fine Mess by Tony Bonning.


Our class has taken part in the NSPCC Big Boardgame Day to raise money for a good cause! We dressed up as characters from boardgames and played some games such as Monopoly, Cluedo and chess!!


As part of our whole school learning project based around World Religions we learned all about where Hindus pray, the special people in Hinduism, the various deities and places of worship. This is a story that we explored about Rama and Sita, click on the link to watch it.

 Rama and Sita

rama and sita



Some of us received certificates for completing the Hour of Code challenge!



We have been exploring body shape, balancing and using the apparatus to create sequences and movement in PE, Gymnastics and Movement.


In the Spring Term we will be basing all our learning around the painting ‘The Harp’ from the book, The Harris Burdick Mysteries. We will be producing poetry, stories and descriptive writing.

the harp

The mysterious image featuring a harp and small boy in an enchanted forest reminded us of fairy-tales. We went to Conisbrough to visit a real castle similar to those found in fairy stories.

This is Year Two working on the I-Pads developing our coding skills. Can we complete the hour of code challenge? We are doing really well… Skills learned and developed are creating algorithms or series of commands, debugging (trying out ideas, making improvements and corrections) and breaking problems down into manageable chunks or computational thinking.


In the Autumn Term our learning was based around the theme of ourselves. We explored our local area, our bodies and how we are connected to the wider world.

At the start of our project we had a wonderful trip to Eureka Science Museum to learn all about how our bodies work!!eureka 5


We went out and explored our local area and investigated the houses, roads, shops and other things.

Take a virtual walk using Google Street View.  Click Here


These are some of the buildings that we walked past. Can you see any on Google Street View?

After exploring our local area we made guides and sketch maps. Then we began to look at where we are in relation to other countries and make comparisons with here and other places around the world.

We used Atlases and the internet to research and gather information and facts.


We are starting to learn about coding and programming. Can you complete the Angry Birds Maze Challenges by creating programmes and code?

Click on this link to go to the website and complete the challenge.



At the end of our learning project we held a celebration event with Year One to share all our learning with our families. They were very proud and we had great fun.

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