Year Three


Hello and welcome to our a Year Three class Blog where you can keep up to date with all the fabulous learning that is taking place.

Our teachers are Mrs Butler and Mrs Cutler. Our teaching assistant is Mrs Williams.

Last year our Year Threes won the Roscar Award for best informative video. It was all about staying safe on the internet.

Click here to watch our award winning film

Today, 6th June, we had an awesome Roman day! We had Roman Food, made models, got to wear Roman costumes and lots, lots more…


Our current learning project is based around the theme of the Romans! We have already started our learning by holding a magnificent Roman day…We have also made Roman Centurions.

In Literacy we have been learning about recounts and newspaper reports. These are our Roman news reports recounting the events surrounding Julius Ceasar’s invasion of Britain.


These are some of our displays…


What about this for creative home learning!!!!



As part of our whole school project about World Religions, we chose to learn all about the Sikh religion. We learned all about special places, holy sites and special people in Sikhism. We also had an amazing visitor who told us all about her everyday life as a Sikh. It was amazing and interesting.

Our learning project this term is based around the theme of ‘The House On Maple Street’ from the book The Harris Burdick Mysteries.

maple st

It’s been wonderful and creative exploring what might be happening in the picture, what has happened before the house takes off and what may happen next! We have been using our imagination to create descriptive writing, poems and stories related to our ideas.



This is our displays showing our wonderful learning related to the Harris Burdick project.

We noticed similarities between the house in the picture and the painting by Vincent Van Gogh, The Church At Auvers.

Photo 2016-01-19 13.55.20

These are our interpretations of the above painting. We developed art skills such as paint mixing, exploring colour and tones. We also enjoyed learning about Impressionist style of painting using short brush strokes and learning about Vincent Van Gogh’s life.


This is the display celebrating our wonderful, colourful artwork in the style of Van Gough.

Our class recently visited the Rawmarsh CLC to learn about Greenscreen Technology. We developed scripts, help shoot the video and used the editing suite. It was a fantastic day and just like being in a real television studio!!


In Mathematics we have been learning about Roman Numerals and Number families.

In the Autumn Term our learning project was based around the theme of Ancient Egypt.

To arouse our curiosity and immerse us in our new learning our teachers arranged a trip to Western Park Museum Sheffield to experience the Ancient Egyptian exhibition.



It was really interesting and great fun learning about mummification. In groups we mummified this Pharaoh!!! We all got to remove organs and place them into Canopic Jars.

The artefacts were really interesting. We saw a real sarcophagus that was brought all the way from the Valley of The Kings…It was over 3,000 years old, Amazing!


Back at school we created questions to guide our own research based around what we wanted to find-out about Ancient Egypt. We turned the information found into non chronological reports.

We created our own Egyptian style clothes for our display model.



We also learned about the Egyptian alphabet called hieroglyphics. This is our own Ancient Egyptian writing.

Here are some examples of our classroom displays linked to our learning project.


Above are some examples of our creative homework linked to our project.


During the Autumn term we have been given the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. We have really enjoyed learning how to play the ukulele. It was great fun.



Recently in Mathematics we have been developing our understanding of the properties of 3D shapes. We used real life shapes such as balls, baked bean cans and tents to explore 3D shapes in the real world.


We also made models of 3D shapes using art straws to further explore properties.


We also learned all about tessellation. Here we are making tessellating patterns.

Every week we have a interactive Spanish session with our Spanish language teacher. She is fantastic. You can click on the link to lots of activities to help with learning Spanish.

Spanish Resources

spain flag

Some photographs of us using the I-Pads to develop our coding skills. We learned about computational thinking, debugging and creating code/algorithms.

Can you complete the Hour of Code challenge? Develop your coding skills and knowledge too. Click on the link.

Learn Code


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