Year Six

Hello and welcome to our new Year Six Blog where you can keep up to date with all the exciting learning that your children are doing.

Our teacher is Mrs Smith. Our class teaching assistant is Mrs Boden.


Happy New Year! Year six have started the new topic The Iron Man with an exciting archaeological dig on the school field. After surveying the land for clues of Stone Age settlements, the children got to work turning over the soil in search of artifacts. We found 7 stones and took them back to the classroom to study. After careful cleaning and examining, they discovered they weren’t pre-history stones at all and actually contained clues to our new learning journey!!! But what an exciting way to begin a new topic! 🙂

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Here is a snapshot of some of the activities the children got up to at their Year 6 residential trip to Robinwood this year. We were so proud of all the children for pushing themselves to take part in every activity. It was so wonderful to see the children develop self confidence, risk taking, team work and problem solving skills!!! We all had such an amazing time!




Year 6 have started their new topic “Ice Trap!” with a bang during their sleepover in school.

We began the evening by setting up camp in the hall: sleeping bags, pillows and cuddly teddy bears of course! Then we marched out onto the field to warm ourselves next to the campfire provided by Pops. We sang songs and danced in the drizzly rain. Afterwards, we began our explorer training by doing a variety of challenges. We learnt to be fit like an explorer and sleep like an explorer, how create a shelter from the cold, how to eat like an explorer (including toasting marshmallows!) and finally how to organise equipment for an expedition to an extreme cold climate.

The night of activities ended when we snuggled down in our beds after watching a film with hot chocolate. An incredibly enjoyable night…even if there was no sleeping! 🙂



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What a wonderful afternoon for our KS2 Highland Gathering. To celebrate our ‘Brave’ topic coming to an end, we took part in traditional Scottish games and tasted traditional Scottish food! We word tartan and red, put our clan badges on and met on the field for a selection of events such as Tossing the Caber, Welly Wang and Tug of War!

Afterwards, we gathered in the hall to watch some Scottish dancing whilst sampling haggis and other oat treats which each class had created that morning! It was great fun!





Our weaves are coming along very well! I’m very impressed with Year six’s perseverance.





We have attempted to start a Forest School! During design and technology, Year 6 have been exploring weaving and today we created our very own loom using two sticks and lashing them together with wool. With a bit of perseverance they were finished and look great. Next lesson we will be practising our weaving skills on them!










Year 6 have been to Crucial Crew. This year featured an additional scenario based on anti-social behaviour and hate crimes. The children really enjoyed the experience and all learnt something new about the emergency services and keeping safe in our every day life.




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Our first Science lesson of the new academic year! Year 6 are exploring electricity this half term. We began our investigation by looking at how electricity impacts our daily lives. Our conclusion was that it certainly makes some tasks much easier.






Today the Year 6 enjoyed a well earned End of Year Leavers Reward at Superbowl. Apparently, we have some talented bowlers amongst us…Mrs Smith was not one of them! Things got heated on lane 14 between James and Mrs Boden and Karisha had an amazing first ever game of bowling! To summarise the day, it was great fun but everyone got surprisingly sweaty?!?! Well done Year 6!






Year 6 have been continuing their rivers exploration by looking in detail at the upper course of a river. We have created our very own Modroc models, complete with a boggy moorland, river-lets, waterfalls and even interlocking spurs! Next week we will add the middle and lower course of the river, learning the intricate details as we go!






This term we are investigating rivers and have begun by looking at the life of a river from source to mouth. We have researched some of the UK’s major rivers and have created a class model of a river to see how water finds its way from a mountain top to the sea. Come and see our classroom display for our explanations of what we discovered!








Today we had an excellent visit from Sarah Champion MP. She was very interested to see our learning about Freedom. Sarah gave a brilliant talk about her role as MP and how she became the Member of Parliament for Rotherham. She talked about modern day slavery and how Parliament and British democracy works. The afternoon finished with an excellent question and answer session.







What an active day we had at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield! We have taken part in so many activities and it was a real chance for everybody to shine at something!

Hockey, agility test, gymnastics, sprint, football, golf and javelin in the morning!






Then onto basketball, skipping, 200m race and long jump in the afternoon.






Finally, we finished the day with the boys and girls finals, where Hayden and Elsie represented our school incredibly well.






With Elsie coming first overall in the girls final!!! Superb!!






How the children had any energy left to be so chatty on the bus back (after all that!) I’ll never know! Well done Year 6!




Year 6 children have begun their new Science unit on light practically by creating a human model to show how light enables us to see things.

Using yellow wool as the ray of light – and remembering light should always go in a straight line – children had one member of the group acting as the light source, and one member acting as an object. They then showed how the ray of light travels to the other group members’ eyes.

This unit will also see children investigating reflection, refraction and how we see colours.









Spanish Day! And what a fiesta we have had! Dancing to Spanish music in the morning…








Followed by an art lesson where we learnt about Picasso and his abstract art…then created some incredible artwork with our own take on Cubism.







Then a Spanish lesson with Mrs Bingham, we learnt how to order food in a restaurant and how to talk about the weather.













Then one final dance after learning to words to La Bamba…well some of them anyway…”Ba Ba Bamba!!”







A really brilliant day!



After practising a secure running stitch and cutting out the shapes for their design, the children started assembling their Freedom Quilt panels. It’s a slow but steady process!!!









Year 6 have been working hard to design their panel for the Freedom Quilt. We looked at tessellating shapes and repeating patterns. Children then carried out research on quilt patterns competing on design detail and colour and decided if the pattern was something they could incorporate in their work. Finally, children drew out a 15×15 square and planned several panels, critiquing their own work to refine the perfect design!!









Following on from our trip to Graves Gallery in Sheffield, year 6 children created there own sketches based on the “Comfort Blanket” by Grayson Perry. The children chose a symbol of British Identity and refined there sketching and shading techniques. We then created our own paper version of the tapestry.









This half term year 6 have been learning about the meaning of ‘Freedom’ and have explored the campaign of the suffragettes and their fight for women’s rights. We have also learnt about our rights as humans and as children and discovered that we all have a right to stand up for what we believe in. With this in mind we took a trip to Weston Park Museum in Sheffield to see their “200 years of people and protest in Sheffield” exhibition to learn about those who have stood up for their rights.









Inspired by the many protests and campaigns we have studied year 6 created their own peaceful protest to spending cuts in education. After creating placards, slogans, a logo, stickers and even a catchy chant we took to the streets and marched down into the city from the museum. We gained support from passers-by and convincingly persuaded people to understand our cause. “More money, less words, for our schools!”









Our final stop was to visit Graves Gallery where we studied Grayson Perry’s tapestry “Comfort Blanket” which explores British identity. We all found a part of the tapestry we could relate to and sketched it. We will work on these sketches back in class.




















Look at Year 6’s amazing character costumes for World Book Day. The children were excited to talk about their character and even created a book review to recommend the book to a child in school. As part of the day, children took part in a book themed maths mystery, wrote and shared a 100 word short story and watched part of “George’s Marvelous Medicine” read by Rik Mayall on Jackanory.












Year 6 have been exploring discussion texts in Literacy. In week two, they were set a challenge to create a video debate on a particular topic for Children’s television. Working in small groups, they had to write an opening and conclusion as well as the for and against arguments, remembering to add in some text appropriate language features. After choosing the most suitable structure of the piece, they filmed the discussion. Take a look at the finished videos. Come along later in the half term to see how their understanding of discussion texts has progressed.










































Year 5 and 6 enjoyed an afternoon of learning about the Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team. They learnt about the valuable work they did rescuing people from mountains but also discovered that their work extends to towns and cities where they help find missing people and with natural disasters such a flooding. The children then had a look around a working mountain rescue vehicle and Alan explained about some of the equipment they use. Finally, the children got to meet 2 search and rescue dogs and experienced them in action as Ken hid 4 children and got the search dogs to find them It was a brilliant afternoon, and we were very grateful to Alan and Ken for taking the time to come and talk to the children.











Here is a snapshot of some of the activities the children got up to at their Year 6 residential trip to Robinwood this year. Despite the bitterly cold weather, all the children took part in every activity with enthusiasm and good spirits. It was incredible to see the children conquer fears and anxieties and it was great to see them develop self confidence, risk taking, team work and collaborative skills!!! Above all the children had so much fun! The whole trip was fanstastic and Mrs Briggs and Mrs Smith were so proud of all the children.










What an incredible night at the year 6 sleepover. Children took part in disaster survival training and had a fascinating talk with Dan from The Animal Training Academy. The “midnight” walk was brilliant, although I’m not sure the neighbours of the school would agree! Finally, it was hot chocolate and bedtime, and despite the snoring and fidgeting I think most of us managed at least ooh…let’s say 20minutes sleep!!!!!!!!










Year 6 presenting their Natural Disaster posters to/with the Year5s!










Great day at Crucial Crew. I think everyone learnt something valuable from one of the scenarios. And very proud of all the lovely comments about our children from the team there.










What an exciting afternoon! Here are the children opening their envelopes to discover which natural disaster they will be researching over the next few weeks! They will use the internet and books to find out more about how their natural disaster occurs in the world and then look at a specific event involving their natural disaster. They will create a presentation to deliver to the Year 5 children later in the term!









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