Year Six

Hello and welcome to our new Year Six Blog where you can keep up to date with all the exciting learning that your children are doing.

Our teacher is Mrs Smith. Our class teaching assistant is Mrs Boden.


Year 5 and 6 enjoyed an afternoon of learning about the Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team. They learnt about the valuable work they did rescuing people from mountains but also discovered that their work extends to towns and cities where they help find missing people and with natural disasters such a flooding. The children then had a look around a working mountain rescue vehicle and Alan explained about some of the equipment they use. Finally, the children got to meet 2 search and rescue dogs and experienced them in action as Ken hid 4 children and got the search dogs to find them It was a brilliant afternoon, and we were very grateful to Alan and Ken for taking the time to come and talk to the children.



Here is a snapshot of some of the activities the children got up to at their Year 6 residential trip to Robinwod this year. Despite the bitterly cold weather, all the children took part in every activity with enthusiasm and good spirits. It was incredible to see the children conquer fears and anxieties and it was great to see them develop self confidence, risk taking, team work and collaborative skills!!! Above all the children had so much fun! The whole trip was fanstastic and Mrs Briggs and Mrs Smith were so proud of all the children.


What an incredible night at the year 6 sleepover. Children took part in disaster survival training and had a fascinating talk with Dan from The Animal Training Academy. The “midnight” walk was brilliant, although I’m not sure the neighbours of the school would agree! Finally, it was hot chocolate and bedtime, and despite the snoring and fidgeting I think most of us managed at least ooh…let’s say 20minutes sleep!!!!!!!!


Year 6 presenting their Natural Disaster posters to/with the Year5s!


Great day at Crucial Crew. I think everyone learnt something valuable from one of the scenarios. And very proud of all the lovely comments about our children from the team there.


What an exciting afternoon! Here are the children opening their envelopes to discover which natural disaster they will be researching over the next few weeks! They will use the internet and books to find out more about how their natural disaster occurs in the world and then look at a specific event involving their natural disaster. They will create a presentation to deliver to the Year 5 children later in the term!

2017 – 2018


Year Five and Six have held their wonderful Shakespeare Showcase today….it included Elizabethan fashions, food, creating portraits, making models of the Globe Theatre as well making digital narratives on the i-pads. Thank-you to all our families who came to share in our celebration of learning.



Our class has taken part in the NSPCC Big Boardgame Day to raise money for a good cause! We dressed up as characters from boardgames and played some games such as Monopoly, Cluedo and chess!!




This Term our learning is based around the theme of William Shakespeare. We have studied Romeo and Juliet. Next half term we will be exploring Macbeth.



As part of our whole school project learning about World Religions we have been exploring Hinduism. These are some of our artwork related to the symbol AUM.




Last week we had an amazing day at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield. It was a wonderful experience and we had the chance to experience a wide range of sports and meet the coaching teams for the British Olympic squad. It was very inspiring to train at the same place as our Olympians.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We had a fantastic World Book Day full of learning activities exploring characters, their appearance and how writer’s develop ideas for  characters. Can you pick out some of the characters that we dressed up as?



During our project on Ancient Greece we used green screening to create a video to teach other children about aspects of Ancient Greek life and history. CLICK HERE TO VIEW IT.

This term all our learning is based around The Harris Burdick Mysteries. A book of art work by Chris Van Allsburg. This is a sample of our learning so far. We have been developing our descriptive writing, using imagery in poetry as well as developing art skills such as monochrome pencil sketches and painting.




Our whole class are learning to play a musical instrument. We chose to learn the ukulele.


As part of Holocaust Memorial Day we visited the Ann Frank exhibition. It was extremely informative, moving and thought provoking.



In Food Technology we have been learning about healthy diets. We learned how to make healthy choices when choosing ingredients. We made a healthy alternative to the traditional mince pie using fresh ingredients and low sugar!!! Thanks to Mr Barnett our master chef!



There were quite a few emergencies in our class this afternoon. There was no need to panic because it was only Year Six practicing First Aid, CPR as part of our ‘Heartstart’ training.



Last term our learning project has been based around the theme of what life was like for children in World War Two.





Above is some of our propaganda posters that were used to persuade people to help out with the war effort. We also explored persuasive texts in Literacy and how language can be used in powerful ways.




These are just a few examples of the fantastic home learning projects that Year 6 pupils have undertaken.




We have been learning and exploring the artwork of Yorkshire artist Sir Henry Moore. We found-out that he was employed early in his career to paint the bomb shelters during the Blitz. His style was very distinct with anonymous figures and an eerie atmosphere.



We developed skills in using line and tone, shading and pattern to add detail. Above are some examples of our work on perspective in the style of Henry Moore. Below are some sketches of Henry Moore’s sculptures found at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.




During the 1940s food was rationed. In Maths we weighed food to see just how much each person was allowed for a full week. We were shocked at how little people had!





Towards the end of our learning we were asked to organise an exhibition based around our learning project on World War Two. This meant that we had to think of how we could present our learning with other year groups and our families. These are some images from the day.




Parents and families really enjoyed stepping back in time to 1940s Britain.




Here are some of our classroom displays and immersive areas where we can really experience life in wartime Britain.





In Spanish we have been developing our conversational skills. We have interactive Spanish lessons every week! You can practice your Spanish by following this link to interactive songs, games and videos!


spain flag


In November we had a fantastic Science day based around rockets! We made and tested rockets and then designed, made and evaluated rocket propelled vehicles. We learned the value of collaboration, trying out ideas, evaluating and making improvements.



The engineers who guided us through our learning told us all about famous British engineers such as Isambard Kingdom Brunel. They also told us how we could be the engineers of the future and how we could become engineers when we leave school.



Above are photographs of our class building our rockets…


We tested our rockets and some went as high as 30 metres…way above the school roof!


In December we had a fantastic time on our residential trip to Robin Wood Activity Centre! We spent three wonderful days there! You can see that we had a wonderful time building self confidence, risk taking, team work, collaborative skills and above all having fun!!!




We took part in activities that developed our problem solving skills, balance, self belief, determination and resilience.



Look at these images of our amazing experiences!





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We received our Robin Wood achievement certificates in Celebration Assembly this week.





Can you complete the Hour of code challenge?


Learn Code

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