Year One

Welcome to our class Blog where you can keep up to date with all the fabulous learning that your children are involved in.

Our teacher is Mrs Beckett. Our class teaching assistants are Miss Connell and Mrs Holden 

We have been learning about instructions in Year 1. We made jam sandwiches and have written instructions of how to make a jam sandwich.


We have been learning about measurement and length this half term. Here is an example of ordering stacks of cubes from shortest to longest.


Year 1 busily making their own dragon eggs using papier mache.



Today we started working with 3D shapes in Year 1. The children were asked to build the tallest tower they could using 3D shapes. They used their knowledge of the properties of each 3D shape to do this. We used lots of partner talk to discuss the number of faces a shape had, whether a shape had flat or curved faces, the number of vertices, number of edges and why these certain properties make a shape good for stacking up in to a tall tower.

We discovered that shapes with flat faces are good for building taller towers and that cones and pyramids should be saved to go on top of the tower.

We have been busy in Year 1 inventing inventions to make eating yogurt a better, faster and easier process. We ate yogurts from pots in school, brainstormed the problems that we encountered, then we drew designs and made prototype models of our inventions. Here are some photograph’s of the results.

school councillorsYear 1 have been voting. We have elected our Year 1 School Councillors. We voted for Olly and Kai. They will be representing Year 1 in school council meetings and feeding back issues, representing the class and sharing ideas. Good luck boys!




Previous Learning

Our Summer learning project is based around the theme of recycling. We have explored where rubbish goes to, how we can reduce, recycle and reuse our rubbish and what kinds of rubbish there are.

We have read parts of Stig of the Dump and other stories.



We have been making things from rubbish to decorate our Stig of the Dump role play area just like Stig did in the story. Can you spot anything that we have reused?

These are our examples of our artwork inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. We explored the school environment and gathered natural materials to use in our sculptures.




We have been recycling seeds and growing our own plants. Its been fantastic watching them grow and looking after them.




As part of our whole school project about World Religions, we chose to learn all about the Muslim religion. We learned all about special places, holy sites and special people in Islam. We also learned all about the Five Pillars of Islam. This is our display.





This term our learning is based around the painting ‘The Harp’ from the Mysteries of Harris Burdick book. This is some of our learning. We enjoyed using adjectives in our descriptive writing and we made small worlds in 3D art based upon the setting in ‘The Harp.’




These are some other displays of our learning.




We noticed that the setting is very similar to that found in fairy tales. We explored other settings common to this genre and decided to visit a real castle! These are some images from our amazing visit…





This led us into our new project all about castles…We have been using books and the internet to locate and record information about castles.



Take a virtual walk around our local area using Google Street. Click HERE

In the Autumn Term our learning project was based around ourselves and our local area.





We went out and explored our local area. We investigated what we could see in our locality. The information that we discovered was used to make our Information Books back at class!

In PE we explored body shapes and ways of travelling using different body parts.




In Science we learned about our bodies and how they work. We had a great day at Eureka Science museum.



Our brilliant educational day at Eureka! We explored how the body parts work and saw amazing experiments!!!



It was a wonderful day and we learned lots in fun ways.

After learning all about our local area we started to learn about different places in the world. We learned about Africa and China.

We read the book Handa’s Surprise.



We did drama activities, hot-seated characters, made masks and made our own stories.

We also developed our research skills by finding out information about the Great Wall of China. We also made our own ‘Great Walls.’



We have been developing our understanding and skills related to computing and coding. We created simple algorithms using Scratch Jnr to create digital stories linked to our learning projects.

Enjoying Sports Hall Games.



In Maths recently we have been comparing size, counting on and back and finding difference.



At the end of our project we held a celebration day when we shared and communicated all our learning with our families. We performed Chinese Dragon dances, shared our project work and models, gave presentations as well as escorting our families around our exhibition.



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