Year Four

Welcome to our new class Blog where you can keep up to date with all the fantastic learning that is taking place.

This year our teacher is Mr. Searson and our teaching assistant is Mrs Williams.

Chocolatier Visit




This week in Come and See

We had a real treat this week in RE; Mrs McLaughlin came to teach our lesson!  We learnt about the events after the crucifixion leading up to Pentecost.  The children created some beautiful timelines. Pictures to follow.

This week in Science:

Last week we learnt about solids and liquids; this week we have explored gases.  Curious as ever, the children got stuck into a range of investigations to learn more about gas.  They wrote up an investigation into what happens to solids when a liquid is poured onto them and made careful drawings to illustrate their findings.  It was quite the revelation that even a solid such as sand, that looks so compact, can actually have a lot of gas hiding in those tiny gaps.

A few pictures of the children acting out the three states of matter particles.  Weighing balloons to see whether gas weighs anything.  Considering how the smell from an air freshener travels through the air and finally, observing what happens to solids when a liquid is poured onto it.


This week in Science:

Another week and another scientific investigation.  This week we were investigating the properties of solids and liquids.  We explored a range of solids from rice, sand, frozen peas and cork and made comparisons with a variety of liquids.  Once we had finished exploring the different materials we created a classification table and presented our findings to each other.

This week in Maths:

We have been learning how to round decimal tenths to the nearest integer.  We used a number line to help us to visualise where the decimal was between two integers.  Once we were confident with rounding 0.1 – 0.4 down and 0.5 – 0.6 up, we played a game with dice to reinforce our learning.


This week in Literacy

This week we continued our explanation about ‘The Breakfast Machine”.  We thought carefully about making our writing more exciting through the use of expanded noun phrases.  There were plenty of gadgets and gizmos for us to describe!

This week in Come and See

Our topic this half term is “New Life”.  The children considered the meaning of ‘Good News’ and how the bringing of Good News can affect us.  We wrote stories about situations when the giving of Good News changed a sad or frightening situation into a happy one.



This week in Science

We quick started our States of Matter topic off with an investigation into how different temperatures change the state of chocolate.  The children posed the question: “Which type of chocolate takes the longest time to melt?”

It was a great temptation not to eat the delicious melting chocolate!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This week in Literacy

We started our explanation texts this week and took a very close look at ‘The Breakfast Machine” from the film; Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  As this is a very complex machine, we decided to explain the first half this week and will plan and write the second half of the explanation next week.

Here is a picture of how we used a flow chart to sequence the different events.


This week in Maths

We started our new Mathematics Mastery unit this week: Decimals.  This unit introduces pupils to decimals with up to two decimal places. The unit has an emphasis on place value- understanding the value of tenths and hundredths, and this will be represented in a variety of different ways, including using Dienes, counting sticks, number lines, bead strings and containers.

This week in PE

We are very lucky to have a trainee teacher with us in Year 4 this half term.  Miss Moss is going to be teaching one of our PE lessons this half term and she has made a brilliant start.  On Monday, they children were introduced to their new topic: Dance.  The National Curriculum states that children should be taught to perform dances using a range of movement patterns.  There were a few grumbles from the boys but when it was pointed out that there most favourite playground activity: ‘The Floss’ is in fact a dance move, they soon got stuck in.

Linked to our topic “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, Miss Moss engaged the children by showing them a YouTube video of various machines at work.  A discussion followed about the different movements and patterns that the machine made and together the class compiled a list of action verbs.  Working in small groups the children needed to replicate the actions of the machines using their bodies.  It was wonderful to see such great team work.


Our Spanish Day to Celebrate San José

On Friday we had an absolutely fantastic day of learning.  The children were emerged in all things Spanish from the moment that they entered school.  We had the pleasure of working next door to Year 5 who were busy all day rustling up a Spanish feast for us all.  It smelt and tasted amazing!

This week in Design and Technology

We have finally started our patches for our Freedom Quilt.  The children have thought carefully about what Freedom means to them.  We have read a number of children’s books about freedom and looked into the freedom blankets produced by slaves as a means of escaping the plantations that they were kept on.

This week we learnt how to create a paper pattern, which we then transferred onto fabric.  We then secured the pieces of fabric together using a running stitch. Some children went onto embroider their own initials using a back stitch.

This week in Art

Our slave portraits are really coming along nicely. Lots of concentration for the fiddly detail.

This week in PE

This week in Maths

This week in art

We are in the process of creating portraits of eleven slaves from the book ‘Freedom  Over Me‘ by Ashley Bryan.  The children have added the background colour to their portraits and next week they will be adding bold colours and texture with coiled wool.

World Book Day 2018

Wow!! What an amazing day we have all had.  The children came dressed to impress as their favourite book characters.  Can you guess who we are?

During the day we have been sharing our favourite books with each other; designing new covers for our books; writing book reviews and designing World Book Day vouchers for a competition.  Here is some of our work:

he process of

This week in PE:

The children are getting really good at Cosmic Yoga, building their core strength and developing skills in mindfulness.

This week in Literacy:

Tension is mounting as the children have found out that someone from the government has written to Mrs Briggs advising her to reduce playtimes to a minimum. Over the next week the children will be planning their own persuasive letter to Mrs Briggs to convince her that we need our breaks!

This week in Maths:

Finding non-unit fractions of a quantity.

This week in Spanish

We have been learning about significant dates including our birthdays. The children learnt how to ask questions about a birthday and also how to sing ‘Happy Birthday’.


The children worked with Mrs Chadfield to learn about the significance of Lent. During the lesson the children wrote thoughtful promises that they aim to keep throughout Lent.

This week in Art

The children have been learning how to draw portraits. They were surprised how much they needed their knowledge of fractions!

Safer Internet Day

Tuesday 6th February was Safer Internet Day.  I feel very strongly that it is important that we are aware of what our children are doing online and that we can help them to make the right choices and keep them safe.  I have been onto the Safer Internet webpage to look for advice for parents and have attached some information for you below.  With technology being so readily available to children it is not always easy to know what exactly they are using it for.  Obviously, we have to trust that they are using it correctly but it is also our responsibility that we are having open conversations with them about how to use the Internet safely and also that we are good role models ourselves.  I am aware that a number of children in our class have YouTube channels or have apps such as SnapChat and Instagram on their phones and hope that they are being guided to use these platforms responsibly.

A book that I have shared with the class.  This children’s book helps children to think about the consequences of sharing photographs online and how when something is said online it cannot be taken back.


Information downloaded from the UK Safer Internet Site

Safer Internet Day 2018 – Parents and Carers Pack – Conversation startersSafer Internet Day 2018 – Parents and Carers Pack – FactsheetSafer Internet Day 2018 – Parents and Carers Pack – Fun Things To DoSafer Internet Day 2018 – Parents and Carers Pack – Pack OverviewSafer Internet Day 2018 – Parents and Carers Pack – Quick activitiesSafer Internet Day 2018 – Parents and Carers Pack – Spread the Word

Spring One


In Science we have been learning about Living Things and their Habitats.  The children have learnt about the classification of animals and used Venn and Carrol Diagrams to sort a range of living things.  They then moved on to developing their own questions to create classification keys.  We also learnt the acronym MRS GREN to help us remember the life processes of living things.


The children wanted to learn more about what different animals live on mountains so we decided to research this using the Internet and then we made observational drawings of the animals that we had found.  This provided an opportunity for the children to develop their fine art skills further and to look at the different habitats that these animals lived in, which linked nicely to our Science topic of ‘Living Things and their Habitats”.


In Geography we have been learning all about the physical features of the landscape.  This has included learning how to read an atlas to locate key information about a range of mountains.  First we used the index to find a particular mountain, then we used the coordinates to locate the mountain on the map.  Finally we used the legend to find out the height of the different mountains and ranges.  We have located different mountain ranges across Europe and compared them.  In addition to this we have created small models of mountains showing the contours and learnt about how contour lines are used to represent the height and gradient of a hill or mountain.

We have also used our knowledge of mountains and mountain locations to create holiday brochures to persuade people to visit the mountains.  We thought about places people could go, the activities they could do, where they could stay and what the mountains would look like while they were there.  The brochures were very persuasive. I’ll be booking my next holiday to the Alps!

Woodhead Mountain Rescue

As part of our topic about Mountains, Mrs Smith invited the Woodhead Mountain Rescue team to come and talk to the children about the very important job that they do.  We were all very interested to hear about how the volunteers give up their time to ensure that we can all be safe whilst out and about.  The two gentlemen spoke passionately to the children and even brought with them their Land Rover and more excitingly their two mountain rescue dogs.  The children loved watching the demonstration with the dogs and a few lucky members of our class were chosen to hide on the school field to allow the dog to go and search them out.  It was fantastic!


We were hoping to take the lessons outside so that we could explore larger maps with more markers but sadly the bad weather interfered with this.  Therefore, we tried our hand at some Cosmic Yoga.  This is a great activity for building children’s core muscles and allowing them some time to be mindful and relax.  If they haven’t shown you Cosmic Yoga at home already, I can highly recommend it.

The children have really enjoyed learning the skills required for orienteering.  They have learnt how to read and ‘set’ a simple map, as well as follow the map to find markers at different locations.


We had a brilliant time visiting Rawmarsh CLC for the day.  We started the morning off in the ICT suite and used the iPads to practice coding using the App Box Island.  After the children had completed all 20 levels in record time we ventured into the Green Screen Studio.  In here we got to explore using a Sphero and accompanying software to enter code that controlled the Sphere and made it move, light up and even speak!

In the afternoon we returned to the ICT suite to use the iMac Desktops to create a short movie about Mark the Mountain Guide.  The children were taught how to use iMovie Maker to insert images, sounds and titles.  Watch this space for some of the completed movies.


It has been such a delight to see how much progress the children are making with their writing.  We have used the Story Mountain planning structure again this half term to help us to to plan and write some amazing stories using ‘Mark the Mountain Guide’ as a stimulus.


The children have enjoyed using the place value counters and grids to help embed their understanding of how multiplication and division works.  Through practical experiences and written application the children have built on each lessons learning to finally apply this to a real-life problem solving situation.  It has also been great to receive positive feedback from home regarding the homework that accompanies the lessons taught each week.


What Can You Expect?

Wishing you all a very happy new year.   Our first term completed and what a term it was!  The children’s enthusiasm for the Volcanoes and Tornadoes topic was inspiring.  It was a delight to see them perform so well in their own short production of the tornado scene from ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’.

Our next topic is all about ‘Mountains and the Winter Olympics’.  I am hoping that this topic will be just as interesting for the children and for you at home too.

In Literacy, we will be continuing to use the ‘Story Mountain’ as a tool to aid us in writing our own narratives.  The first book we are going to explore is called ‘Mark the Mountain Guide’ by Mark Seaton.  The children will use the story to help structure their writing and provide them with ideas and inspiration for a creative narrative of their own.  We will explore further texts such as, ‘The Polar Express’ and ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ to help enhance our vocabulary choices and get our creative minds flowing.

We will continue to develop our reading comprehension skills through daily reciprocal reading.  We will interrogate a range of texts and look carefully at the language features chosen by the author to make inferences and deduce meaning from the text.  In addition to the daily comprehension lesson, opportunities will be made for the children to read with a partner in the afternoon to help encourage their love of reading.

Mathematics Mastery

We are excited to be introducing a new teaching and learning scheme of work to help ensure that the children are getting the very best level of Maths understanding that they deserve.  This half term will concentrate on ‘Multiplication and Division’ and covers the following National Curriculum objections: Understand and use distributive law; use place value to calculate mentally; use formal written method to multiply two and three-digits numbers by one-digit numbers.

This term’s ‘Come and See’ topics are:

  • Community
  • Giving and Receiving
  • Self-Discipline

Our PE days are Monday (indoor) and Tuesday (indoor) afternoon.  During Monday’s lesson we will learning how to use map skills in Orienteering.  Tuesday’s PE lesson will be taken with Sports Specialist, Mr Rocket and the children will be learning all the skills needed to play badminton.


The children will have weekly spelling words to learn. We have weekly tests for spelling and times tables. Below you will find a list of suggested homework activities to support our current topic. Please encourage your child to do their homework and listen to them read regularly (at least three times a week). Your support really does make a difference.

Home Reading Records are collected in each Friday and checked by myself and Mrs Briggs to ensure that regular reading is taking place.  Each time your child reads and it is written in their Home Reading Record I reward them with a Dojo point and this goes towards their Reading Planet.

Make a 3D model of a mountain. Plot a journey on a map that includes navigating a famous mountain. Find 5 interesting facts about a famous mountain.
Design your own Winter Olympic Village. Draw a map of a famous mountain region, include a key of the different features. Invent your own Winter Olympic Sport.  Write a set of instructions/rules for your new sport.
Design a suitable outfit for an Olympian to wear? For example, a swimsuit for the GB team. Create a picture of an animal that lives in the mountains.  This could be a detailed sketch, painting, mosaic, photograph… Write a story about an adventure in the mountains.
Create a crossword or word search including all the sports in the Winter Olympics. Write a diary as ‘a day in the life’ of a Mountain Guide. Find some interesting facts about the different kinds of animals that live in and on a mountain.

Autumn Term

Rotherham Christmas Toy Appeal

We were asked again to sing for the Rotherham Christmas Toy Appeal at Parkgate Shopping Centre, Rotherham.  The children performed a couple of Christmas carols to a large audience, including the Mayor of Rotherham.  It was a very special evening that raised a lot of money and donations for families in and around Rotherham.

Natural Disaster Day

We had an amazing afternoon today trying our hand at different survival techniques.  It was great fun working as together in teams to come up with inventive ways to survive a natural disaster.  Through our resilience and team work we managed to come up with inventive ways to keep safe should the worst happen!


Anti-Bullying Week

Odd Socks Day Pack for Schools – FINAL

Today we wore odd socks in recognition of Anti-Bullying Week.  We are very passionate about anti-bullying in our class and work hard on creating positive relationships and creating a classroom where we all feel safe, valued and equal.



A little interlude to our learning.  I brought in a sugar-beat for the children to look at and to show them where lots of our sugar comes from.  We watched a short video about the harvesting of sugar beats and how it is then processed into the sugar that we all know and eat at home.  They were really excited and intrigued to learn about this!


Continuing with narrative writing, we went on to read Michael Morpurgo’s story of ‘The Giant’s Necklace’.  We used this text to build on our reading skills during Reciprocal Reading and also as a stimulus for our writing.  The children used illustrations from the book to create story mountains, which they then used to help plan their stories ready for the Independent Writing on Friday.


Our inspiring book this term has been ‘Escape from Pompeii’.  We really enjoyed reading the story and learning about Tranio and Livia, the two main characters, who managed to escape the devastating events when Mount Vesuvius erupted back in 79AD.  We found the story very inspiring for our own writing and used it to help us plan exciting stories of our own on the ‘Story Mountain‘.

The children have produced some amazing writing this term.  To start us off we watched a video about ‘A Day in Pompeii’ to help inspire us for our writing of a letter.  We imagined that we had been one of the few lucky survivors of the terrible disaster and wrote descriptive letters to ‘our uncle’ pretending that we were Pliny the Younger.  We learnt about writing in first person, formal and informal language and when it is appropriate to use and how to organise a letter.

Amazing Homework!

We have had some absolutely amazing pieces of homework come in for this topic.  I can see that the children have been doing lots of research at home and applying all their knowledge and skills to creating some work that they should feel really proud of.


In addition to the tornado pictures that we created we have also been learning about how to use water colours to create landscape paintings.  We looked carefully at different images of the coastline in Cornwall and chose suitable colours to depict the atmosphere of the painting.  Our inspiration for painting the Cornish coastline came from our story writing of ‘The Giant’s Necklace’ by Michael Morpurgo.

We have been exploring the work of American fine artist Shawn Selders.


Inspired by his creation ‘Of Oz Cyclonically (2007)’ and the link with our Core Story text The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, we set about learning how to draw our own interpretation of his picture.


Skills Involved:

We had to learn about perspective and the vanishing point (VP) to be able to create our sketches.  We practised drawing the horizon line and adding the VP at different points along the line to create different perspective.  Once we had mastered this we started to develop of sketching skills.  Making close observations of some of Selders other pencil drawings we looked at how we could create texture and tone using different grades of pencil and applying the strokes with less or more pressure.

Dance and Drama

We are so fortunate to have Mrs Knight in our class with us.  She has been working hard with the children to choreograph and produce a short dramatisation of the tornado scene from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.  The children are really enjoying getting into character and developing their speaking and listening skills in addition to their dance skills.  We also designed our own costumes for the performance and made the outfits for the tornado dancers.

In Maths

We have been following ‘The White Rose” scheme of work for Maths and learning lots about Place Value.  The children have enjoyed using the place value counters and Dienes during the maths lesson and we feel that this has really helped embed our understanding of place value in 4-digit numbers.  In addition to the physical resources that we have been using, the children have also been learning about ‘Bar Modelling‘ and how we can use this written method to help us to solve different calculations and problems.

In DT and Science

Working in groups we designed and constructed a model of a volcano.  First we had to consider what materials we would need for the task of building our volcanoes.  We used the Internet to research all the different shapes that volcanoes come in and used this to inform our design.  The volcanoes took a few weeks to build as we had to be extremely patient and wait for all the soggy newspaper to dry for the layers.  Once built and painted we were set for the science part.  How were we going to make them explode? Again, we headed to the Internet and YouTube for some ideas.  We watched several videos showing different methods and decided that we wanted to compare mixing coca-cola and mints against vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.  This was certainly a trial and error procedure.  The predictions had been made and the experiments written up but when it came to the explosions they were not as spectacular as we had hoped for.  However, we did conclude that for a more frothy and prolonged explosion the vinegar and bicarbonate of soda was best,  Whereas, if it is drama and height that you are looking for you are better off mixing Diet Coke and a FULL packet of Mentos Mints.

**We did learn that the experiment with Coke does not work if you pour the Coke into your bottle after building your volcano.  In hind site we would build our volcanoes around a new, unopened bottle of Coke.

Welcome Back!

Welcome to Year 4 and our first Blog post! I hope that you have enjoyed the summer and that the children are ready to start the next chapter of their school lives.

Our Learning:

In Literacy, we will be writing for a variety of purposes and will be learning about a broad range of text types. These will include letters and postcards inspired by an imaginary trip to Pompeii where we witness the devastation of Mount Vesuvius first hand and recount what happened.  Following on from this we will be writing instructions based on our work in Design and Technology.  Inspired by our core story (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz), we will be producing our own dramatic interpretation of the tornado scene to be performed at our Showcase.  In addition, we will be looking at a range of news reports and writing our own headlines and news stories about natural disasters.  Finally, we will read, learn and perform a poem linked to our topic, as well as writing our own.

In Maths, we will be developing our problem solving and reasoning skills in Place Value and Addition and Subtraction.  We will also be making cross-curricular links to our Design and Technology projects.


This term’s ‘Come and See’ topics are:

  • Islam
  • Domestic Church – Family: People
  • Baptism/Confirmation – Belonging
  • Advent/Christmas – Loving

Our PE days are Monday (outdoor) and Wednesday (indoor) afternoon.  We will be learning the skills to play Basketball on Monday and the children will be working with Mr Rocket, our specialist PE instructor on Wednesday.

Topic Homework:

Make a 3D model of a volcano. Write a shape, acrostic or limerick poem about a tornado or volcano. Find 5 interesting facts about tornadoes or volcanoes.
Can you compare the difference between a hurricane and a tornado? What impressive statistics can you find about tornadoes? Draw and label the parts of a volcano.
Compare 3 different volcanoes.  Can you make a bar chart with your data? Can you make a tornado in a bottle? Create a story based on surviving a tornado.
Create a crossword or word search including tornado and volcano words and facts. Write a diary as ‘a day in the life of a Tornado chaser’. Find out the different tornado seasons for affected countries.

Useful websites: – great for modelling and creative ideas!

A sneak peak at our immersive classroom:

That is it for now.  Please watch this space for updates on how our learning is going.

Mrs Beckett


Welcome to our new class Blog where you can keep up to date with all the fantastic learning that is taking place.

This year our teacher is Mrs Beckett and our teaching assistant Miss Connell.

We began our new school year celebrating our school’s 80th birthday!!! Each year group based all their learning around a decade from 1930-2016. Our year group project was based around the 1970s… Here is some of our exciting learning.

We learned all about 1970s clothing and fashions, music, children’s toys and TV programs.

Developing our knowledge of chronology by ordering artefacts in order of age. We also got to play with toys from the 1970s and even got to ride on a Raleigh Chopper bike!!! We thought it was the coolest bike ever. It would have cost £30 in the 1970s (that is the same as £300 today).

As part of our learning project about life in the 1970s we explored popular mass produced art prints. These three prints would have been commonly found in working class houses from the late 60s to the end of the 1970s. We looked at ‘The Hay Wain’ by John Constable. We explored techniques used to draw trees as well as one point perspective. These are our digital images that we made on the IPads and using water colours.

Another popular painting from this era was Vladimir Tretchikoff’s ‘Lady From The Orient.’

We learned all about portraits and composition of facial features as well as how to present feelings and expressions.

Our final painting was ‘The Crying Boy’ by . We learned all about the legendary curse that this painting was supposed to have. We created our own stories based around how the curse came about. We also created detailed pencil sketches of the boy’s crying eyes.

In October we had a fantastic Science Day at St Pius secondary school. The day had a CSI theme and we had to gather evidence through carrying out various scientific activities. It was great fun, interesting and we got to develop our investigatory skills.

Here we are taking finger prints. Did you know that everyone’s finger prints are unique?

Below are some photographs of us creating impressions of footprints. We mixed liquid which we poured into an impression and this was left to solidify.

This activity was really exciting as we got to investigate how materials react and change when burnt.

Here we are exploring the properties of different materials. We looked carefully and sorted the powders by size of granules, appearance (colour), texture and mass/weight.

Here are some more photographs of our impressions.

This is us investigating how different ink reacts with water. It was amazing to see how the ink was drawn up the blotting paper and divided into the various colours which make up black. We had to make careful measurements and close observations.

We had a brilliant time at the Build It festival of Science and Technology at Kelham Island Museum in Sheffield. Our task was to design, build and evaluate a town on Mars!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Above are some photographs of us taking part in the Science and Technology day at Sheffield.

Today we began our new thematic learning project with an amazing Roman Day!!!! We learnt Latin phrases, tried on Roman costumes, explored artefacts and also learnt about the every day lives of Roman citizens, soldiers and slaves. Here we are exploring Roman fashions and everyday objects.

These are photographs of our class playing Roman games. We had great fun.

Have a look at our slideshow of the whole day…It was fantastic.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some examples of our outstanding creative homework.

We took part in the NSPCC Big Board Game Day. We came dressed up as characters from board games and played some board games like Cluedo, Monopoly, chess and Snakes n Ladders.

As part of our whole school learning project about World Religions, we chose to learn about and explore Buddism. This is a display of some of our wonderful work.


We recently took part in the Community Cricket Tournament. It was great fun and we had the opportunity to show of our striking and fielding skills.

Last term our learning project wass based upon the painting ‘An Uninvited Guest’ from the Harris Burdick Mysteries book by Chris Van Alsburg.

y4 hb

We have been exploring descriptive language and creating imagery in poetry. We improved our inference and deduction skills by using the evidence within the picture to back up our ideas about characters and settings.

these are some of our displays…

Here are some examples of our pencil sketches and writing displays.

Thursday was amazing…we had some special guests from Rotherham United FC. The players were excellent and took time to talk with the children about the importance of diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle. They were fantastic role models and talked to the children about aspiration and professional sports.

In our first term in Year Four our learning was based around the theme of Ancient Egypt. We had a brilliant surprise at the start of our term because our teachers had organised a trip to the Egyptian Exhibition at Sheffield, Western Park Museum.

We got to see some amazing real artefacts from the time of the Ancient Egyptians. It was awesome.

The most fun was learning about mummification! We all got a chance to carry out the procedure based upon ancient instructions left by the Egyptians. We had to put the internal organs into Canopic Jars like these…


We learned how to decode Hieroglyphics (ancient Egyptian writing). These are examples found on tomb walls and sarcophaguses.

Before we left we had a close look at historical artefacts and tries to workout what they were used for. It was like being a real archaeologist!

Back in school we extended our learning by finding out where Egypt is in the world by using Atlases and the internet. We developed research skills whilst gathering lots of information about how society was organised, Ancient Egyptian Gods and Pharaohs amongst other things. This a display of our brochures to persuade people to visit the Ancient sites in Egypt.

These are some of our other displays including some of our creative homework linked to our Ancient Egyptian project.

We had a brilliant day at Rawmarsh CLC creating animations and sound files. This is our fantastic digital presentation.

   Click to watch our video

Our class was lucky to be invited to St Pius to participate in a fun Forensic Science day. Here are some photographs from the day.

We learned all about the importance of safety procedures in the science laboratory.

Whilst carrying out our investigations we learned the importance of making careful observations, noting what we see happen, making comparisons, exploring hypothesis, trying out ideas and drawing conclusions from evidence and results.

It was brilliant being real scientists for a day!!!

In school we carried on our Science learning and developing our Scientific skills by exploring circuits.

Christmas in Year Four, party food before our disco and party games!

spain flag

Spanish Resources

In Year Four we are learning conversational Spanish. You can learn at home using the resources found by clicking on the link.

Can you develop your coding skills by completing the Hour of Code challenge?


Learn Coding

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